Top 5 Newly Emerging Tech Cities

Top 5 Newly Emerging Tech Cities

The bar has been set by each coastal city, San Francisco and New York, when it comes to information technology jobs. However, not everyone can afford any quality of life in those cities, rental rates are skyrocketing and simply put, you canít afford to live on a tech salary alone.

Here are 5 tech cities you should consider:

Austin, TX
Population: 912,791
Most Popular Jobs: Java, Drupal and Python Developers, Software Engineer, Network Administrator, IT Security
Median Household Income: $52,431

Miami, FL
Population: 417,650
Most Popular Jobs: Software Developer, .NET Developer, Tech Sales, IT Analyst
Median Household Income: $53,112

Omaha, NE
Population: 434,353
Most Popular Jobs: System Support, IT Analyst, IT Security Engnineer, Java and Mobile Developers
Median Household Income: $47,512

Nashville, TN
Population: 659,042
Most Popular Jobs: Tech Support, Systems Admin, PHP, Perl and .NET Developers
Median Household Income: $53,463

Indianapolis, IN
Population: 852,866
Most Popular Jobs: Software Engineer, Desktop Support, IT Business Analyst, FUSE, PHP and Java Developers
Median Household Income: $39,015